Christian Science versus Pantheism (Authorized Edition)

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PDF Christian Science versus Pantheism (Authorized Edition)

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Eddy lent her perspective from afar. The U. McKinley would receive another letter from Mrs. Eddy, just days after the president was tragically assassinated, in which were words of comfort and a heartfelt tribute to the late statesman, whom she greatly admired. Roosevelt may not have seen Mrs. At the turn of the century, Mrs.

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To my sense, the most imminent dangers confronting the coming century are: the robbing of people of life and liberty under the warrant of the Scriptures; the claims of politics and of human power, industrial slavery, and insufficient freedom of honest competition; and ritual, creed, and trusts in place of the Golden Rule….

The accuracy of her forecast may give readers of today some pause, as the world continues to struggle with many of these same challenges. But Mrs. Load More. Search My Cart 0. Courtesy Library of Congress. Glover II. Longyear Museum collection. Notes Mrs. VG VG ex-library inscriptions to paste down and fep, Christian science library label to fep, small marginal ink note to pp , closed edges lightly soiled.

DW VG under plastic cover. G stapled sheets in paper wrappers with 'sample copy' stamped at head, insect damage to fore edge of covers.

go to link Trustees of Mary Baker Eddy buckram 4to, marbled edges, pp. Tidy copy of the Authorized edition. Trustees of Mary Baker Eddy cloth 4to, marbled edges, pp. Tidy copy of the Authorized edition, this one on rice paper and with indented place marking to fore edge.

Trustees of Mary Baker Eddy cloth 4to, rice paper, pp. Trustees of Mary Baker Eddy limp leather bible style 4to, all edges gilt, marker ribbons, pp. Leather to spine starting to age. Gilt title to spine and Christian Science medallion to cover.