Frieda Frosch und Konrad Kröte: Die Suche nach dem Freund (German Edition)

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Whosoever digs a ditch for others, falls in himself. War 'n buk shtalt is kg shof deb. AVhoever steals a ram is no sheep thief. M'r mus n6t 'n kots im stfk kawf a. Do not buy a cat in a bag.

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AViioever wants to support himself with fishing and hunting UHI wear torn clothes. De welt is gros, d'r him'l bio, W6s 'ani n6t wil is de tfngr fro.

The world is large and heaven is blue, AVliat one doesn't want the other gladly will woo. Not everything is profit that is begun. A lazy mule kills himself sooner than a diligent one. Won ich ggld h5b bin ich dftrshdich, AV6n ich k6ns h5b bin ich lushdich. Uaa druwSl hut m'r niks. Without trouble we have nothing.

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If y hit a dog he will bark. Thin and long is a pole, Short and thick is a stick. W5s nt brfint, broucht m'r nt blosa. What doesn't burn you need not blow. Fad'r mocht de geil. A prsented Horse you do not look in the mouth. W5n de meis sot sin is 's iml bid'r. When the mice have enough, flour is hitter. Whoever wants to marry the daughter must keep on the good side of the mother. War fel shwStst, legt fel.

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Whoever speaks much, Jies much. B6sar 'n lous im grout os gawr ken flash. Belter a louse in cabbage than no meat at all. Bacon and its rind are of one kind. BSd'sht doo goot so leisht doo goot. Bed well and you will lie well. Kla un shmart is aw wps wart. Little and smart is of worth too. Another town another girl.

Frieda Frosch und Konrad Kröte: Die Suche nach dem Freund (German Edition)

Moryarot mck'ht hokii rot, Ow'drot bringt diuka brod. Red sky at morn makes the cheeks red, Red sky at eve brings us dry bread. Yung g'want olt g'dawn. As you are trained in youth so you'll live in age. Lichtme's shbina farggs, Fud'r holwjir g'frfis. To borrow makes sorrow, Whoever wants to borrow come to-morrow.

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  7. A presented horse you don't look in the mouth. With bacon we catch mice. One fool makes ten.

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    Too sharp does not cut, and too pointed does not pierce. Two heads are better than one, if one is a cabbage head. Do is 's wo d'r haws ira peTr sitst. Here is where the rabbit sits in the pepper. De 6Vr hSlft What look?