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In , he gave up his telly to concentrate more on writing, though confesses to missing "Homes Under The Hammer".

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Her background is in language teaching and, more recently, psychotherapy. She is interested in all aspects of human communication. When she is not involved in public speaking training, Georgie enjoys watching and performing magic, travelling, walking, swimming, dancing, theatre, cinema and reading. Hannah is a huge fan of William Shakespeare as she feels he helped shape the English Language, finding his stories and tales both fascinating and unique. He's also an editor of, and contributor to, the Journal of Medical Ethics' blog, and recently judged school students reasoning in the Debating Matters competition.

Reviews: Not a Chimp, The Bacchae, Glengarry Glen Ross Jane Tuttle is a trained, professional actor who produces, writes, directs and performs on stage, radio and television. With a history in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, all reviews reflect a broad and diverse understanding of performance, resulting in a passionate approach to critiquing creative art in the North West. Jennifer has a love of the Arts with a particular interest in theatre; both as an audience member and a performer. She lives in Greater Manchester with her husband and daughter, and in her free time enjoys going for walks with her family, reading a variety of books, listening to and trying to play music, singing, visiting galleries and theatres.

About to complete an acting course Jennifer is contemplating what interest to pursue next.

Since childhood she has loved all things theatrical and has participated in theatre companies and performances across both England and Ireland as performer and director. John has gained experience in acting, set construction, scene painting and back stage work. Katherine graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a master's degree in creative writing, and works as an online copywriter, is a director of Bank Street Arts, is the business manager of The Poetry Business and is also web-manager of the Leeds Salon website.

Her wide range of interests includes acting, dancing, and playing both piano and guitar. Other interests include writing, art, and watching plays. Kathrine has a really varied love of books, and always tries to make time to read. In the future she wants to continue writing in her spare time, as this has always been a passion of hers.

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Also with a ballroom dancer for a grandparent named Grace Kelly again our exposure to glitz and glamour is one of our earliest memories, from the age we could sit independently we were taken to theatre shows and we can both remember vividly being sat up on coats so we could see the stage. In the summer holidays we were privileged enough to be sent to our great aunt's in London to watch the latest West End Musicals where our passion and interest in the theatre world grew into a more mature hunger.

Both of us love and adore the theatre and enjoy nothing more than watching the theatre for pleasure and to critique. Neither twin has ever studied performing arts after college but we both write as a layman and will give our honest and humble opinions on what we see during the show, hopefully making it easy to read and user friendly. For an additional challenge Marie-Anne has studied for teaching and counselling, and completed a Masters degree in Law and Ethics at Manchester University.

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Enjoying the vibe of live performances, she regularly attends both established and newer theatres in Buxton and Manchester, readily losing herself in the storylines. From school age she has played individual and team sports for school and clubs. The sports may have mellowed to concentrate on golf, but the combination of individual and team playing remains, as she's now an active member of New Mills Golf Club where she thinks it provides some of the friendliest Golf in Derbyshire, especially when the weather is good.

Reviews: Ladies Golf in Derbyshire, Grumpy Gay Men Matthew's interest in theatre started as a young boy and has taken him through many different genres of the performance arts from playing the piano, singing, dancing, acting and even backstage work. As well as being a regular contributor to Schauspiel Und Buehnenkunst he also sits on the adjudication panel for many Dance and Musical Theatre contests. A qualified educator and trainer with over 20 years experience within the profession he now also gives masterclasses and private acting tuition.

Outside the theatre world, Matthew can often be seen walking his dog on the Pennine foothills and drinking tea at a local cafe. His work was recently produced at the inaugural Irlam Festival Fringe, and he's working on a children's TV drama about kids with superpowers. He loves theatre, movies and television, and could happily spend every minute of every day telling you precisely what he thinks about stuff. Sara now is now a freelance photographer based in the High Peak but travels across the UK for her work. Her work covers a variety of genres including fine art, commercial, wedding, portraiture and event photography.

Sarah combines excellent writing skills with elements from her extensive professional background, which spans software development, library management and marketing communications. Her professional portfolio is available through her own website Sarah was a founding member of the Birmingham Salon, a debating forum, which she continues to co-organise.

Reviews: The Master and Margarita Stephen has published on a wide variety of topics, including nationalism, Irish history, the body, health, crime fiction, and modern literature. QWAX Studio has the highest technical standards, helping with arrangement, performance, vocal delivery and much more. Having worked in and around music for many years, Stuart knows plenty of additional musicians for those wanting a complete house backing band.

He's now extending his knowledge and experience of music through the review section to write about contemporary trends. She has also spent half a lifetime working in Business and Marketing. Putting these two elements together, Una has set up as a freelance writer offering copywriting, PR and web content, newsletters, scriptwriting and editing under her company Writemark Having to adapt to writing for a variety of sectors has meant Una can write for any genre or discipline, but she is particularly at home in the mad world of media!

Having spent her life living on farms, Yasmin is a very rounded and practical individual with a bubbly personality that comes out through her drama studies, and young farmers activities.


Not one to know her place, Yasmin aspires to be a barrister or criminal.. She is a mostly A'S canditate and always tries her best. Reviews: Melvin Burgess, Work Experience, Kill All Enemies Yvonne Cawley is a timed served civil servant adept in a variety of roles from personnel through support to small businesses and even rent redemption. Very widely read with a real passion for murder mystery and crime novels that mask a very warm and friendly nature. Jan 5, Stacey Jacobson-Francis works on math homework with her 6 year.


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Instead, I soldiered on, demoralized but thinking, 'Surely, I can do first-grade math. It is designed to reinforce skills, prepare for future instructional activities, and assist students in developing personal responsibility. Our STM guidelines suggest that the amount of time required for homework average 10 minutes times the grade level. Grade level teams will coordinate to ensure that homework time, as well as test preparation, time is reasonable. It is important that parents and students become familiar with the homework grading procedure because, if students are conscientious, they can positively impact their quarterly grade.

Every chance for every child.

The following example is a homework grading procedure that many teachers use. It is provided here so that students and parents can see the positive effect of being conscientious about doing their homework. The website for the National Education Association, org, lists the following research findings concerning parental involvement.

There are many online resources to assist students with homework questions. We will use our homework help webpage to list other resources as we identify them. Our local library web sites provide comprehensive resource pages.

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All students should be able to complete their homework assignments within the appropriate amount of time for the grade level. Parents should provide support and encouragement, but students should not need assistance on a regular basis. St Grade. Colonial Craftspeople - Experience life in the 18th century at America's largest outdoor history museum.

For the past ten years, printed Fact Cards have been used extensively in California elementary and middle schools, as well as in public libraries. The topics covered by Fact Cards are those California, United States, and World topics included in the social studies curriculum in California. Free homework help is available through the Homework Club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between p. California Fact Cards - Fact Cards are a series of research resources designed for quick reference for students in grades 4 through 8. Vocabulary University - Learn English vocabulary in context grades with free word puzzles and activities.

Homework Club runs from September 17, June 12, Trivia-based game, pick your subject and test your knowledge. Easy Bib - Create accurate, comprehensive bibliographies for reports or other cited works.

Fact Monster - Biographies of explorers, travelers and conquerors. On This Day- Find out what happened on any day in history.

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Our Timelines - Find out how your life fits into history as we know it with this custom timeline generator. This Day in History - Discover what happened today in history. Time Magazine for Kids - The latest news from around the world for kids in grades K Here are a few useful tips which may help your kid to focus on home assignments regularly. As children enter the fourth grade, the purpose of homework changes to some extent. In grades one to three, students are learning to read; thereafter, they are reading to learn.

In fourth grade both schoolwork and homework become more challenging. Homework for older children has a number of purposes. Homework is best done when the child has had a chance to unwind from school or after-school activities, is rested, and is not hungry. You and your child should agree upon a regular schedule for when homework will be done, and the length of time that should be devoted to it.