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Who would dare stuff 44 geckos in their underwear? Or 18 monkeys down their shirt? Or snakes inside their bra? Or 1, spiders in their suitcase? Wild birds are the hottest commodity on the global black market, with two million to five million trafficked illegally each year. Avian abductees are joined by all manner of animal, from lions, tigers, and monkeys to turtles, snakes, and crocodiles.

Wildlife smugglers will do all sorts of stupid stunts to sneak their feathered, scaled, and furry cargo across the border. And often they get caught.

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Here are 10 not-so-clever criminals who were busted. Snakey Suspicion Apparently animal stocking stuffers are popular among the smuggling set. In a man was arrested trying to slip into Norway with 14 pythons inside socks taped to his body. The owner of the bag, a year-old Thai woman, was booked on a flight to Iran.

Had her overweight baggage slipped through the x-ray machine without the tiger being noticed, the three-month-old cub, which was already suffering from major dehydration, might not have survived the flight. Luckily this smuggler was stopped in her tracks.

August 5, 2009

Spider Man A British pet shop owner was no Peter Parker when he decided to stash 1, live spiders from Brazil inside his checked baggage. You could say airport officials in Rio de Janiero caught him in his own web. Brazil is one of the biggest markets in the world for wildlife trafficking. Chunky With Monkey A year-old American posing as a pregnant woman tried to pass a sedated rhesus monkey off as her baby bump when she returned from Thailand on a flight to the United States in That should be a given.

Then you can look for clues about it while making or avoiding the small-talks. Unless people ask.

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How fun. I like the idea of unlikely routes to places — like the passages between the trees that you talked about in your book! I think I need a proxy because my monsters most emphatically do not want me to consciously approach all the stuck weirdness that is hanging out in the air today. No approaching allowed! Cataloging the moss on my fur.

And I am dangling. And smiling and sleepy and content. I am most definitely not scheming.

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Not me! Just being smiley and focusing on my sleepy self. Duey highly approves of this post. He would, however, like you to know that he has declared this Monkey Pants Amnesty Day and is categorically refusing to wear anything resembling pants until sunrise. Today, I find myself thinking about…beachcombing. Just idle fantasy. Seems rather meditative, in fact. Beachcombers meander. They poke around, and see what they can see. While doing so, they collect things, all kinds of things.

You never know what might be of value to someone. Potential is everywhere. The sea brings them gifts. These gifts can then be co-mingled, transformed, shared. They understand ebb and flow.

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Rather the opposite, really. Lovely things, proxies. I can almost hear the ocean, can feel my breath flowing in gentle waves. My secret mission is something to do with a very very large ball of yarn. I just want to sit down beside it and lean against it. I already have everything I need! I almost always already have everything I need, no matter what my secret mission is. More space, since the ball of yarn is so big.

But not more space. Re-arranged space. A new perspective on space. Permission to create that kind of space! Commitment to being in that space. Fully occupying it.

Really, Very tired to wear pants with Chimpanzee Monkey @Samutprakarn Zoo

Experimenting with arranging space. Experimenting with fully occupying space. Exploring all the different ways I can sit down and lean against the giant ball of yarn.

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I could ask the ball of yarn — do you know more about my mission? But I think once I have done 1 and 2 I will be ready for my next mission. Monkeys in clothing! My little nephews would love that!

In fact, they are a lot like monkeys themselves. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Today, all we did was hang out with some of our favorite people and eat good food and tell stories and make each other laugh. We brought our teenage nephew CJ home with us for the weekend so that he can visit art galleries and do art things with me. Anyway, it was a good day. We have customs and traditions and a culture around the holidays that help prevent the kind of tension and turmoil that ruin the holidays for so many families.

What do I know about taking CJ and art? I know that he has a lot of interest in art and an undeveloped talent. The time we took him to an art museum in another city was very meaningful for him. I know that he considers me his favorite aunt because of our shared interest in art. What will I need in order to do this? What in my kingdom needs to change for this to happen?