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The eyes of the monkey glowed red and then out of nowhere a fire consumes the room and thus kills her. When Michael opens it, he absolutely loves it.

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Unfortunately for him, the feelings are not mutual. His father begins having awful dreams almost immediately afterwards. In one nightmare, Susan is standing in a white wedding dress and veil. He runs away from her and a group of onlookers with creepy smiles. Despite, taking off, he ends up right back there.

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In another the house is filled with blood as he is attacked by a demonic creature much larger than himself. Susan Viki Saputo is both the culprit and victim as she becomes possessed. The only way to snap her out of this spell is to interfere with her action before the Monkey claps the symbols together or stopping the toy before the two symbols meet.

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  • While David is having another nightmare, Susan tries to suffocate Michael with a pillow but when David walks in, she convinces him that Michael only had a bad dream. She actually believes this as she would never in her right mind want to hurt the child. David stops her from drowning his son and also stops believing her excuses. They tussle and she falls and hits her head. David now certain that the toy is behind all of the chaos hires Adrianne Madelon Phillips a psychic who genuinely wants to help. Sensing the power of the demon, she gives David a pentagram to wear for protection.

    She also advises him to get rid of the monkey without the demon being made aware. Essentially, he must throw the toy away seemingly on accident. This becomes a difficult task but the lives of him and his family depend on it.

    The IMDB page for this has only given it a 2. It deserves a much higher rating than that. This film has genuinely creepy moments, great practical effects, excellent acting, sympathetic characters and a plot that really hooks the viewer. Truth be told, The Monkey was originally published in a magazine circa As much as I love Stephen King, he has many people to thank for his successes.

    Sorry Kubrick fans. Though, I still think the performances and the visuals are great and that Kubrick is one of the best of all time, but Burnt Offerings just gives more of everything. Not to mention, the more I watch it the more I realize what an underrated acting God Oliver Reed was and how he sold every moment of the production. Both matriarchal figures are the target of demonic possession and both films focus on the toll it takes not only on the parental figures but also a young boy.

    The point is simple.

    Everyone borrows from something else and every story has been told many different ways. Education and information can inoculate the mind from the plague, releasing its growth potential and allowing it to heal.

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    It will not inoculate the character; nor can the character be so easily repaired once deformed. Our most popular example today is Hilary Clinton who has had every advantage of education and information access one born in 20 th century America could, yet she is a carrier with readily apparent symptoms. I fear my friend has also wasted many years looking for an avenging angel who can never come.

    Who investigates corruption in Cochise county? The same people who investigate corruption in every other grease trap town.

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    The paper tiger department of the FBI. Despite its gambit of problems from integrity through bravery and fidelity, ignorance and stupidity are not prevalent in the Bureau. The FBI is well aware that most corruption does not manifest as a pay-to-play business transaction. Yet this is all they investigate. The FBI has always been behind the ball in the world of money-laundering and will continue to be until its approach is redesigned from the bottom up. Familiar corruption and plain old sociopathy is much, much easier to investigate and prosecute.

    The most prevalent form of corruption also does the most damage to society, but the FBI refuses to touch it. We live under a surveillance state; they know exactly what is going on. The average person knows exactly what is going on with only tangential observation and no expertise. Corruption has been the bread and butter of operational intelligence since the days of the Good Shepard. The one thing corruption, especially familiar corruption, does best is breed incompetence. Incompetence is also control. In recent years elements controlling the course of America chose to ignore the long-term result of posse comitatus for its short-term gains.

    To play the game was to lose the game and everyone always wanted to play with us — almost everyone. Incentive exists to prevent serious actors from purchasing tactical opportunity, so the government really does want to eradicate public corruption based on external bribery.

    It would be counter-productive, however, to dislodge other forms of corruption unless the specific case provided cause. The solution to many problems is to exterminate the lowest common denominator which will naturally elevate the species. It takes too much wind to sail a ship dragging its anchor. Why do you think human evolution stagnated?

    The marginal decline in beneficial mutation aligns almost directly with social envelopment. The egomaniacal belief that the lowest evolutionary form of a species has the right to exist is so distorted it could only come from a closed loop virus like humanity. Think about it. Does that neurotic concept not violate the very structure of existence itself? Until the A. Singularity, the humanity virus as a whole simply lacks the moral strength to self-cleanse.

    Therefore, an illuminated citizen who is thinking clearly follows that line of reasoning to the first solution which is acceptable by the morals of the time. All those inflicted must be marginalized; ideally eradicated.


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    At the very least, they must not be allowed to spread their contagion; either by reproduction or social influence. Culpability and malice are not factors relevant to this equation. Ever wonder why dark money funds so many Zombie movies despite their relatively low return on investment?

    Until the species is capable of a more wholistic understanding of itself, it must be guided in baby steps. The afflicted must be isolated, its influence marginalized and its growth must be arrested. These are the days of the tipping point.

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    Enhancing those afflicted, even with basic knowledge is a bad idea. Even more telling, I explicitly tell those afflicted how I am worsening their condition and they still play the game. Even if emotion compelled one to want to cure them, information and knowledge is not the proper medicine for this condition and the afflicted do not merit the resources needed to cure them. Until the Singularity solves this man-made defect for us, that energy is better spent expanding the separation so that they do not spread the affliction of corruption and injustice.

    It is time to Q the ignition and document in detail for posterity. I have the backstage pass to this play. Say my name. Amen brother! But after Trump is done being president for life, Emperor Light has a nice ring to it. Take a look at what democracy has led to.