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Once the pavement goes in, the area is lost. Every outdoorsman should work to protect the wildlands we all love. Because of their passion for the activity, they, far more than others, want to preserve our woodlands and wilderness areas. They want for the herds to be healthy, for the waters to be clean and unobstructed so that fish may thrive.

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They believe the biologists, and subscribe to the ruling and advice that wildlife officials dispense. Hunters want the natural beauty of this earth to be forever preserved. For the same reasons why I want our outdoors to remain natural! I treasure those times when I can sit alone in the woods, taking in the cool air, the rustling trees and that rare woodlands animal.

I emerge from the woods a better person, for the time spent in reflecting, and for the acceptance of how I have been blessed. And even then, there are the simple pleasures of life that I find in being an outdoorsman; the pleasures that hunters find as well. Nothing tastes as good as that cup of coffee from a thermos, or the banquet found in a sandwich, all consumed while sitting in majesty at the table of a pine stump.

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Have you ever sat through a sunrise and seen the details of life emerge around you? Have you ever sat through a sunset, and recognized the red, orange and golden colors as the promise for a new day?

And though I have never hunted an animal, I can imagine the satisfaction of the reward for patience, for the diligence in waiting through the cold hours, for the humility of harvesting a God-given being and for celebrating the experience in whole. We need to do better. We need to keep our environment clean and ever fresh.

We need to keep our wildlife healthy.

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Hunters believe this. From Robert Woodbury: This is very emotional for me because I am now physically unable to hunt. And it hurts. First, I was never a deer hunter. Woodburys are from Patten. Bird hunting was my passion. I hunted because I always walked behind the dog handler to watched the two work together. I hunted for lunch next to an empty stone foundation with an apple tree nearby with its pungent, rotting smell adding flavor to the ambiance. But mostly I hunted because of the company I kept.

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Bird hunters are hunting mainly for the same reasons. I blamed my present non-hunting situation. There is an old song that tells of the day the music died. A few years ago, I lost four bird hunting buddies in the same year, men and women who were cherished companions. I cried.



I sold my guns. I noticed that some key elements of hunting were missing: Guns, for example. Your enjoyment of comradeship, nature, glimpses of wild animals offer compelling reasons for spending time with friends or by yourself in the woods. But leaving out the purpose of hunting is like describing golfing with no mention of clubs, balls and scoring. I assume an account of golfing would hardly stop at a description of green lawns, friendly conversation, and rides in carts.

The point of hunting is hunting. Why go to such lengths to avoid saying that? Are you traipsing along in the woods with your notebook? Taking pictures with your phone? Are you carrying a gun? Is anyone carrying a gun? Well, why do you?

This column might have been a first draft. I look forward to the next version. From Dan Crocker: Enjoyed your piece this morning, and most of my logical, rational reasons for hunting are the same as those you highlighted. And like you, I choose to hunt more for the intrinsic value of being in the woods, whether with friends or alone. But I also find tremendous solace in the woods alone, and often retreat there when things in the real world get stressful so that I can relax, recharge, and refocus. Perhaps the most significant example of that is my blog post about a few hours I spent in a tree stand late afternoon on Sept.

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More from BDN. November 18, Just like the first map, Corey came out swinging against Chengdu as Bastion, seemingly stopping any momentum that the Chinese team could muster. Chengdu attempted to use Baptiste just like the Justice, however, Washington completely dominated the Hunters, holding them to just Despite a slow start from Washington, the Justice were able to regroup and forced the Chengdu Hunters to a finish that left them with just barely over 1 minute.

The Justice began their attack with a slow start as well.

Typical hunting day

Despite their short time bank, the Hunters took the first point with relative ease and even began to push onto the second point. In addition, Corey is coming into his own and proving that he will be the leader of his team. If the Washington Justice can fix issues such as getting better with ult economy and work out communication issues, they will find more success. Facebook Twitter Youtube. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Final Chengdu Hunters Oasis. Courtesy of Blizzard Oasis Chengdu Hunters The Washington Justice began with the map with a variation on the 3 support, 3 tank team composition.

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