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You're in lousy shape to be running from zombies

A component of this powder is a nerve toxin from pufferfish capable of keeping people in a state of suspended animation. Haiti has actually banned the practice of making these human zombies.

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The animal world has its own share of zombie stories. A fungus that infects carpenter ants causes the insect to climb underneath tree leaves and die. The fungus sprouts a stalk from the zombie ant's head , sending out a shower of spores to infect other ants.

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Wasps are known to inject their venom into cockroaches, paralyzing but not killing them. The wasp drags the helpless roach to its nest and lays its eggs inside the bug's abdomen. When the baby wasps hatch out, they eat the cockroach alive from the inside out. And, of course, there's the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, which can infect humans. In rats, the parasite makes rodents stop fearing the smell of cat urine, which usually proves fatal for the rats.

In pregnant women, toxoplasma infection can cause congenital problems such as deafness or mental retardation in the baby. But when it comes to flesh-eating, shuffling monsters, the zombie phenomenon remains firmly rooted in fiction. People who suffered from this began to hallucinate, entered a stupor and became catatonic.

But there are many examples of zombies in the natural world.

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But there could be something that could see the world come to a standstill, such as a viral pandemic or a major solar flare that disrupts communication and other necessities of the western world. The blackout of the northeast including Ontario and Quebec that left some 55 million people in the dark made people realize just how much they could be left disconnected and unprepared for any large-scale issue. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are their tips to making sure you survive the undead.

Or maybe just a widespread blackout. Follow NebulousNikki.

Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse

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