Uncle Al Capone - The Untold Story From Inside His Family

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Al Capone - The Untold Story From Inside His Family - Uncle Al Capone, By Deirdre Marie Capone

Ohio St. Library Links. Embed Experimental. In fact, I took much care to hide the fact that I was a Capone, a name that had brought endless heartache to so many members of my family. In , when I was in my early 30s, I left Chicago and my family history far behind me, reinventing myself in Minnesota and making sure that no one in my life other than my husband Bob knew my ancestry.

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I succeeded--even with our four children--but the truth about who I was hovered at the edges of the reality I had created, and I was terrified of it. Terrified of revisiting the shy, wounded girl who grew up friendless, shunned by classmates forbidden to play with a mobster's child; of once again hearing those dreaded words, "You're fired," and seeing another employer's door close to me because of my name; of reawakening the grief of losing both my father and brother to suicide, collateral damage of the Capone legacy; and, above all, of my children learning they had "gangster blood" running through their veins and being exposed to the same pain I had experienced.

My silence also was motivated by a little trick of fate that truly was stranger than fiction. My husband's uncle married the sister of one of the men killed in the St.

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Valentine's Day Massacre. I have good reason to believe that Al Capone was not as responsible for those cold-blooded murders as history has written, but all the same, how could I bring such a terrible complication into our family life? How could I know that my aunt by marriage would not see her brother's murderers in my face? So, when my nine-year-old son Bobby came home from school one day in to announce that his class was learning about Al Capone, it knocked the wind out of me.

I felt like the whole world had just slid out of focus, leaving only Bobby and me.

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When I was 10, my grandfather Ralph Capone was brought before the Senate Committee on television to answer questions about racketeering. The fallout was immediate.

Deirdre was ostracized. Her classmates wanted nothing to do with her. No birthday parties, no movies. No friends.

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My mom told me how he treated animals. Songs he liked to sing.

Remembering Uncle Al (Capone, That Is)

He regretted the distance with his son and reached out to me. When my dad committed suicide I kept a diary.

Uncle Al Capone - Part 1

We were a very close family. At age 10, her father committed suicide due to the burden of the Capone name. At age 18 she was fired from her first full-time job for the same reason.

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The feds nailed Al Capone on tax evasion and he did time, serving seven years of an year jail sentence. Capone was first held in Cook County then sent to Atlanta before being transferred to Alcatraz. Al served five years in Alcatraz. He went back to his home in Miami. That was in