Wege zur beruflichen Zufriedenheit; Die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen (German Edition)

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As far as their company culture is concerned, she is convinced that there is no contradiction between ease and enjoyment and ambition and professionality — instead, these things complement each other. I grew up with an extremely cross-cultural background that involved a lot of traveling and discovering new cultures.


What I love is seeing new places, trying to understand what I experience, questioning and learning new things. I cannot wait to work with interesting and ambitious characters and gain insights into innovative ideas and business models. Together, we will create the brands of the future. What piece of advice would you love to give to any founder? Believe in yourself, your ideas and stay uncompromising in your mindset and convictions.

Great to see that the scene is pulling many strings and players are increasingly connecting themselves to create a clearer profile of the region and to attract promising talent as well as relevant partners. I am not an IT specialist, but a sales person, but I have a clear vision and firmly believe in the success of our projects. The biggest challenge is to convince internal and external stakeholders of the benefits of our strategy with limited resources. You must always be prepared that not everyone understands your idea immediately and can grasp the added value.

In our industry it is always said that ideas must also be understandable for KGV. Children, managing directors and board members. Go for it! Since I have only been involved with the scene for two years, I see no change, but a lively, creative and innovative scene. I wish, already out of personal solidarity, that the Ruhrpott would become the startup region in Germany. Heimatdesign has existed as a creative network agency for more than 10 years. In addition to a regularly published magazine, the agency develops various formats such as exhibitions, festivals, talks, workshops and lectures for the creative industry.

With the current platform project Design Metropole Ruhr, the team takes care of the quality of stay and perception of the design industry and at the same time networks with other industries. I studied industrial engineering but not to the end and already then the creative industry aroused my interest. The Ruhr area has a lot of potential in this area and with my work I wanted to play a part in shaping my environment. The expansion of our network into other industries. In many companies, the topic of design is only part of the marketing process and not part of product development, or even better, integrated into the corporate process.

A lot of communication is needed and we are working on it.

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A startup should preferably consist of different personalities with different competencies. A designer in the team helps to think and develop the product or service from a user-oriented and sustainable perspective. Think and develop things sustainably and dare to look out of your department.

From my point of view, the Metropole Ruhr with its many universities and technical colleges, but also with the SMEs and large companies that still exist here and in the region, is optimally equipped for the development of new topics and products.

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The hubs and founding companions from the cities do an enormous amount to create a good breeding ground for young start-ups. Everything seems to be developing well and more and more large regional companies are taking on the topic as partners and investors. The Ruhr area, with its large area and still low rents for living and working space, is attracting even more international attention from investors and young founders.

And of course, almost every start-up starts with a designer in a team or at least with an accompanying design agency. In addition to working on consulting and research projects, she deals with topics such as industry 4. Previously, Laura worked for DB Schenker in Germany and abroad and in a transformation and IT consultancy in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

Many initiatives, incubators and hub initiatives bring a new spirit of dynamism and make a difference! Strengthening the Ruhr area as a location for the start-up scene in order to further promote this dynamic growth. I was born a nerd and a creative. I just enjoy being creative.

Always out of your own comfort zone. As with all people. Otherwise always the next thick board on which I just build. Realism and stubbornness. Enough money and courage to turn strategies and ideas upside down once again.


Just try out ideas brutally and freely. For me, my discovery of the RuhrSummit last year was the highlight of the startup scene. All in all, I have the impression that there are more professional and courageous new companies in the Ruhr area.

I hope that the startups in the Ruhr area will network much more strongly and push each other. Happiness on! Fabian Post is an architect and strategist for digital marketing. The spirit in the founding team is the essential factor. Greed and lack of vision do not lead to success. Still rather underdeveloped compared to Berlin, but I see more potential for us in the long term. We know the IT security problems very well, but we are not able to define common goals in our society and implement strategies sustainably to obtain adequate risk situation.

The team members, with their individual skills, their energy and their will to succeed, are an essential factor because only people are able to implement the many challenges successfully of a startup at the right time. Always very successful and well on the way to playing a special role in Germany, Europe, especially in cyber security. More and more young talents have the courage to start a startup, there are more and more offers to support this and a community that ensures that many have a real chance to succeed. I wish very good conditions to motivate young talents to follow this inspiring path and thereby make the Ruhrgebiet a very successful region.

Experienced startup founders, investors and entrepreneurs share their biggest learnings at pottcast. When it was clear that after 3 years in the Munich startup scene I would return home, I wanted to give a voice to the growing start-up scene in the Ruhr area. I also liked listening to podcasts and just wanted to give it a try.

I run pottcast. The biggest challenge is to find enough time for your hobby. Also: Get feedback and share your idea with others.

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  4. The combination of many companies potential customers and graduates from all fields offers a lot of potential. The topic has become more present in the region. Corporates actively seek contact with startups and there are many initiatives and accelerators that want to promote startups. Entrepreneurial courage, placing entrepreneurship as an opportunity for students and finally thinking and acting together as a metropolis. Meike Neitz is a presenter and keynote speaker on the road all over Germany.

    In addition, with her agency Die Zukunftsmanufaktur, she advises start-ups from all sectors in public relations and business development. She also deals intensively with the topic of corporate innovation — in a bridging function between corporates and start-ups she networks them with each other. As a freelance author, Meike has published in various media such as t3n, Deutsche Startups, Huffington Post, Bento, Refinery29 or net athletes and regularly writes for the online magazine Basic Thinking.

    She has a little daughter and lives in the cathedral city on the Rhine. I love to face new challenges myself, to learn more, to develop further and I always have open ears and alert eyes for exciting new opportunities.



    My daughter just turned 1 year old — in this new situation the biggest challenge is to spend as much time as possible with her and still be successful in her job. For me, a successful startup is primarily about the founders — a good constellation when it comes to a founding team, or a very strong individual. This person must not only be smart and knowledgeable, but also socially competent. It must be able to criticize and reflect, but at the same time assertive and unswerving.