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Homepage Links Analysis. During meditation your mind becomes more clear, so the old karma becomes uncovered and comes to the surface. This karma was already present in your consciousness. If you practice, you get to see and understand this karma already present in the mind.

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You must listen to me. ZMSS : Being attached to something, making something is always a problem. If you meet God, kill God.

If you meet Buddha, kill Buddha. ZMSS : All sickness comes from the mind. If mind disappears, sickness disappears. If you put it all down, there will be no sickness, and you attain freedom from life and death. But it is hard for us to let go of our mind. So, if you try the Yaksa Yorae Bul mantra, all your sicknesses — whether of body, mind or dharma sickness — will go away. PP : You often suggest different mantras to help different people. What do these different mantras mean? ZMSS : According to Mahayana practices, if you try certain mantras, certain bodhisattvas will help you.

For instance, if you have great suffering, try Kwan Seum Bosal mantra; then Kwan Seum Bosal the bodhisattva of compassion will help you. Or you may not have much suffering but need wisdom for your direction — what is truth and correct life? So you must use the mantra for Pu Hyon Bosal, the bodhisattva of action. That will give you energy for moment to moment, correct action. Then you can help other people. Ji Jang Bosal is the great vow bodhisattva; his great vow is to save all beings.

When you die, Ji Jang Bosal helps you get a good rebirth. Thus each bodhisattva has a separate job. PP : Nowadays there is a controversy about people being kept alive by advanced medicine or technology.

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They can stay alive, but have no brain — only a vegetable. What does Buddhism say about this kind of situation? ZMSS : The question in this kind of situation is: how much energy does the sick person take from other people?

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Sometimes with some energy, a very sick person can be saved. Sometimes despite all the energy being given, the sick person cannot be saved.

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If someone is dying and taking so much energy, it is not incorrect to allow them to die. The teaching of Buddhism is: does my action help other people or does it take too much energy from them and cause them a problem? PP : Sometimes people are in a coma — cannot see, hear, taste, touch.

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They are attached to a machine, but there is some consciousness working. The machine is keeping them alive. Why live? ZMSS : That is a basic question for everyone, not just the sick people. Why do you live? Why do you die? Why does a tree or a cat appear? Why does this tree or cat die? If you practice, you understand your correct job, direction, and situation as a human being.

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If you are not practicing, how are you different from a tree or a cat? PP : If someone pulls the plug on this man who is in a coma, does he have sufficient consciousness so that he will have some emotion inside, like anger or happiness? ZMSS : This consciousness is like half-tree, half-animal.